Advantages Of Website Blocking


The Internet is like one huge portal for people worldwide to connect all hours of the day and night and find fun things to do online, great reading, wonderful sites full of information and research materials, convenient shopping and plenty of other services and features. This portal to the world comes with some major problematic issues, and thankfully solutions for them as well.

Here are three main issues of concern with the Internet:

1) Unwanted Sites – One major problem with websites is that a large amount do not feature what you might call G-rated content; i.e. content for all ages. Plus for many people, the content is explicit, hateful, hurtful and very much unwanted.

Examples are porn sites, gambling sites, sites for people to voice their dislike over other races, religions, sexual orientation and more. Not only do you get crude language and x-rated photos on the sites, you can pick up computer bugs or unwanted cookies from the sites, attract nuts and place yourself in danger if you interact with others there. So for all ages, these sites can be dangerous and unwanted.

2) Fun Sites – Many fun sites like those offering interesting interactions with forums, fun safe games like cards or gaming like the kinds played with Xbox or Nintendo systems, are great – -but time consuming. This may be alright for time off, but for students who should be studying and adults and teens who should be working, they can cause:

– Loss in work production
– Loss in homework time
– Loss in family time
– Low grade
– Low work reviews = lower pay

Additional stress and loss in personal rest-and-relation time also results. So time needs monitored on these types of sites.

3) Unsafe Sites – Some websites might look like they have a lot to offer, but once you click them on, you can run into technical trouble. For example, you might get scripts that automatically try to take over your computer in different ways, banners and pop-up ads that try and do insert tracking devices into your systems and much more.

Date: March 16, 2021

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