Bedroom Décor


Bedroom Décor

When it comes to bedroom décor, you should think more about it then you may have realized. There are many sleep disorders out there, and you might be surprised to know that how you decorate your bedroom and what you put into it might make a difference in how you sleep. Though a sleeping disorder might have a different root of origin, the colors you choose and the stuff you surround yourself with might make a difference in how much sleep you get and how well you sleep in general.

When you choose a color for your bedroom decor, you should always go for something low key or darker. Don’t get bright sunny colors or your walls will stimulate you and you won’t sleep well. Bedroom should be for sleeping and sex with your mate. Everything else should be done elsewhere. This might help your sex life as well. You should choose colors like dark reds or perhaps even blues. You can offset with white accents for some brightness, but you want to keep your bedroom décor on the muted side and it should not be something for the whole family.

When planning the accessories for your bedroom décor, keep it simple. You don’t want family photos and your child’s artwork hanging in there. Your sex life might suffer if you have mom and dad smiling down at you from your last family portrait. You love your children but reminders that they are in the house might also put a damper on your intimate moments. The bedroom décor is one thing that you might want to go at as if you were still a childless couple. You can put the family stuff all over the rest of your house if you want to, just leave it out of your bedroom.

Also remember to keep your bedroom décor very sparse. Don’t have anything in there that might look cluttered. Keep clean lines and soft surfaces. Anything that reminds you of work or chores will keep you awake because you are aware that it is sitting there undone. If at all possible, don’t have a computer in your bedroom, and never leave clothes sitting out. Make sure you have an adequate clothing hamper in your bedroom. If you keep your bedroom décor simple and demur, you will get better sleep, and as a bonus, you might also find that your sex life improves as well.

Date: August 25, 2021

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