Okay, okay I’m no saint, and yes I go to porn sites. Male, female, married or not well, regardless of age this site’s for us. People do have various reasons for visiting such sites and more reasons why some engage into this kind of “business” (for the upright entrepreneurs sorry for calling a business. Chuckle!) Admit it or not internet porn stars and its hosts earn BIG bucks in this business.

The coin is two-faced they say and it’s just but fair to understand and analyze why people (internet users and internet porn stars and hosts) are into this stuff.

Drives and urges are parts of being a human; biological pleasures that are to be satisfied. We take pleasure from different forms and different ways and of course different levels too I get pleased when I take a sip of my favorite coffee, (I’ll die with it).
Ooooopppss, I think I need to blow a horn in here. Out of better word to say (well maybe you can think of a more decent term) call them however you wanted but these extroverts find complete pleasure by merely watching a sexy and seductive girl having a group deed or just by the simple ASS TO MOUTH action.

We satisfy our pleasures in different ways and different forms. A sip of my favorite coffee would always make my day (I will definitely die without it!) A study showed that most people who engage in porn site viewing are sex-deprived animals or never had a steaming sack session with their partners. (READ THIS: Hey girls if you hate seeing your partners visiting porn sites well give your guy the best ANAL SEX of his life) So you see it’s not just merely satisfying one’s worldly pleasures, it’s more than that; it’s satisfying some of his biological needs.

I once overheard a group of teeners , giggling and blushing while telling stories about slut movies they secretly watched over the weekend. They’ve been comparing ASSHOLES! Years back when, young boys would be talking about sports, new gadgets or the cute girl next door but now, Whew! They’re comparing asses! One even jokingly said the tighter the ass the better.

Porn sites have always been a moral issue. Most countries tried to regulate the creation and responsible use of the internet but failed. Well it’s not just for the money folks that these people (porn stars and hosts) are into this thing. Most people who engage in this “art” (some call it art anyway-the art of seduction, chuckle!) were underachievers and were deprived of attention. Being seen on the internet and being fantasized by many is the only way they know to show they’re not losers, that they’ve achieved something.

Porn sites have always been a moral issue, but no one is in any position to judge the people who gratify themselves with titillating object. We’ve got our own reasons, we’ve got our own ways and personal beliefs and we can not order these people to conform to what we believe in. Besides, why deprive one’s self from pleasure and satisfaction, do what you think would make you happy.

The internet has given us great information and freedom but always remember that great freedom comes with great responsibilities too.


Date: February 5, 2021

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