Do You Do Casual Sex?


Do You Do Casual Sex?

In modern dating, many people get into casual sex which often misleads them to false beliefs about the shared physical connection. While many understand that the nature of this copulation have no strings attach or commitment, there are so many people who cannot help themselves but to think otherwise. For them, the sex comes with certain level of emotional ties, particularly if they want to pursue a deeper relationship with the person they had sex with.
But yes, many casual sex encounters also go the next level and become meaningful relationships. Relationship may come as a great surprise when both partners actually do not consider having casual sex just a mere game. What started with a physically satiating fling could have a chance of turning into a long-term life as a couple. Of course, the sex thereafter is not considered casual. So if you’re one who is liberal with casual sex – and yet hope to find true love – then this will help you understand what kind of sexual interaction you’re getting into.
There are many forms of casual sex, but here are the top ones that many people indulge in these days:
1) Occasional Sex. This happens when the two people engaging in the act do not really know each other well. It always happens after the night of the first date or also calls a one-nightstand love affair. People who are into occasional sex a lot should know that their partner understands the concept of such engagement. Otherwise, the other would expect something beyond the casual sex. Also, it helps if both are well protected to ensure no disease of any kind is transmitted during sex. Both partners should also know and agree that their sexual relationship is only for the meantime and have no intention or expectation of establishing anything more after they are satiated.
2) Recreational Sex. Also called social sex, this refers to sexual intercourse that only focuses on sexual pleasure of sex without any emotional attachment and commitment. It is also mean that it would be the best solution in changing the mood of the couple, from frustration to excitement. Recreational sex is good for people who are feeling down if sex will elevate their mood. They could simply find a consenting partner and get their fill of exciting sex.
3) Sex With The Ex. Obviously, this sex happens when two former lovers meet and hit the sack. There are many reasons for people getting into ex-sex, but what tops it is the comfort they get from it. If their former lover is accessible, willing and shares the same insight about having sex without further attachments, then it works well with them. But there are serious considerations with ex-sex, particularly when the other party is still hanging to a hope of reconciliation. So before one gets into it, the coast should be clear that it’s just the sex they’re gonna get, and some comfortable reminiscing of their past – and nothing more.
4) Comfort Sex. This happens when people who know each other very well – but are not romantically linked – are comforting their friend who is troubled. The scenario often leads to the sad person seeking more than just a listener or shock-absorber. The comforting party usually gives in to the mood and both end up having sex. In the end, the sad person feels better while the friend also feels good to have comforted the other in a way. Comfort sex would certainly be good while it last, just like comfort foods – it usually taste good but after the meal, there could be guilt or discomfort shared by the couple. Others would feel disgust or regret, and sometimes, comfort sex results to losing connection with the partner you shared a few hours of sex with.
So if you want to have this kind of sexual relationship, try experimenting casual sex or relationship with the information above. In addition, who knows you might find on what you are looking for a partner? It is better to plan your course of action, but you must always remember to be careful while indulging with casual sex.

Date: January 31, 2021

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