Erection, A Top Priority


Erection, A Top Priority

What is the big deal with erection, anyway? To those who view sex as a sin, the mere thought of an erection can already mean a person’s priority ticket to the flames of hell. To those who do not care about the issue at all, obviously not much can be expected from them. Seriously speaking, however, not all people view sex and the various events involved with it as something important or necessary as it actually is. Although it is not really as important as world peace or global warming, to some people it may actually mean a successful married life or an intimately meaningful partnership with another person. Since the act of sexual intercourse highly necessitates a man’s erection (This is especially true when viewed from a man’s perspective), this event is also therefore as important as the entirety of sex itself.

Experts say that men have a tendency to be more sexual compared to women. They are the ones who are more frequently experiencing the urges resulting from their sex drives. To them, being able to participate in a sexual intercourse is not only responding their personal needs but also an act of providing the demands of their partners. Since the act of having sex compliments more their role as providers, they, therefore, feel a certain power when they become part of it. It is a feeling of being in control, of being dependable, or simply put, of being man enough. Imagine, therefore, when because of an anatomical or physiological malfunction, a man will not be able to do this merely because they cannot achieve an erection! All those admirable things mentioned earlier will be disregarded and their personality as a whole will be jeopardized.

As expected, the act of sexual intercourse involves not only one but two people. In some unconventional cases, the act can actually involve more than two persons. However, for the purpose of this particular discussion a sexual intercourse is defined involving two persons only. Those two people who take part in having sex defines the event’s success or failure. A problem with one of those involved, like possibly having some sickness or a lack of interest in the activity, can automatically mean a failure for both. Thus, the inability to achieve an erection among men, which obviously means an impossibility for sex to really happen, not only affects the man concerned but also his partner. The frustration, therefore, is also shared which may eventually lead to a possible destruction of the relationship.

Men, however, should not lose hope when faced with this kind of situation. The most probable reason for failure is when a man decides to give up on the problem and seclude himself from others (or do other forms of defense mechanisms). Instead of the usual approach of keeping the issue to one’s self, being quiet about it, and being secretive. The more this issue is given the silent treatment, the more that it becomes complicated. Certain attitude or mood changes will be observed not only from the man who suffers but also from his partner who is clueless and fails to understand the situation. Thus, the best approach to this situation is to talk about it and be open about it to one’s partner. On the other hand, a true loving partner will be open to listen, ready to accept, and kind enough to understand. They plan together what should be done in this situation, talk about one another’s expectations, and respect and support each other no matter what. A high percentage of men who have had erectile dysfunction have successfully regained the capacity to have an erection through the use of effective impotence drugs such as sildenafil, verdanafil, and tadalafil. These, when used together with other treatment techniques have a higher possibility of success. It is, therefore, also possible for others to do the same or be also achieved by anyone.

Date: July 2, 2021

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