Guys, Understanding Foreplay First!


Guys, Understanding Foreplay First!

Ever wonder why foreplay is important? Well, good of you to wonder because it has a vital role in sex as well as the relationship. Indulging in foreplay before you hit the sack helps you and your girl to fully attain the satisfying sex. More than that, it will help you and your partner to explore your physical wants and desires even further and be able to communicate sweet intimacies that don’t happen while at the height of sex. It’s a fact that most women are not like guys – they want to go slow and easy. Even women who want it rough would want some form of mental or visual arousal before getting into sex. So guys, read on for this article will prop you up for the right foreplay tips!
Talk and tease. This is most commonly known as dirty talk. Some women actually are turned on each time a guy talks to them in this way, even fantasizing about it. The sweet and naughty whispers and sudden nibbling of the earlobe can actually send sparks on her spine. If you and your girl love talking dirty as well, push her to do so because it gets her guard down. Then the foreplay becomes even more heated when you both do it. Better yet, while doing the verbal teasing, focus your mouth and fingers on other parts of her body. It could be her hips, inner thighs, lower back or nape.
Get started in public. If you want the fire to start and make her hot then you should start in public. But when I say in public, make sure it’s too much or you might end up embarrassing your girl. You can start saying sweet and naughty things over dessert or you can start nibbling her ears while waiting for your burgers and fries. You can also start kissing her passionately in the bar while having a drink. These kinds of affections will not only make her feel hot and wanting but she will certainly feel more loved. Make it a fun way for both of you especially if your girl loves public display of affection!
Strip down. Did you know that girls are also now having great time watching you guys take off your clothes? This kind of foreplay is actually a great and effective way to excite and make her feel hot. It will help a lot if you will start stripping off your clothes slowly. Make sure to take off your socks first then your shirt then afterwards your pants and lastly your underwear. Through this procedure, make sure to have an eye contact at all times. Then after you stripped down all your clothes, do it on her, slowly as well just like the way you took off yours.
Give finger pleasure. Some women like it slow and tender while there are some who actually love rough and hard. However which way, make sure to watch and observe your girl’s movement and reactions as these will certainly guide you in the right path. Make sure to pleasure her using your fingers because you start making love to her to fully obtain the best part of it and this is of course for both of you.
Watch some porn – then do it later! If your girl is the kind of girl who likes to watch porn movies then this method will certainly turns you both on. Make sure to watch the movie with her and focus your attention on her not on the movie. Touch her if needed as this will certainly heats up the moment.
These are some of the tips that will help you play that foreplay right.

Date: February 24, 2021

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