Having Sex Often Is Healthy – Really!


Having Sex Often Is Healthy – Really!

Over time, it has been proven that sexual frustration is not totally a mental thing. Many studies confirmed this with the findings that sexually active couples are respond better to stressful situations compared to others who abstain from sex. Couples who have meaningful sex often are found to be more productive with whatever work they have. More so, people who are sexually active with just one partner are proven to have positive, happier disposition in life compared to those who haven’t had sex in a long time.
Many experts also point out that frequent sex with a significant other was associated with lower diastolic blood pressure. There are more health and medical issues wherein sex is found to have alleviated or healed. This is because endorphins are released during the sexual act, the same endorphins that are responsible for decreasing body pains. Studies also showed that headaches, arthritis pain and PMS symptoms can be lessened when oxytocin is released. Also known as cuddle hormone, oxytocin is released naturally and surges so when doing foreplay or simply snuggling with your lover. So, why not fight that headache via intimacy with your loved one instead of rolling over or downing on synthetic pills?
As for the men, frequent sex such as five or more times a week is known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer later on. It may not be the world’s most romantic line for seduction, but it doesn’t hurt to let your significant other know that sex might save your life. Dowse humor into this scientific health fact and tell your woman that you want her in bed because you don’t wanna get prostate cancer! Or threaten her jokingly to take off her clothes quick because you seriously fear the disease! For the ladies, some studies are now suggesting that sex might reduce breast cancer risk. So, by having regular sex, women are doing themselves a favor as well.
Another good thing about sex is that it increases your levels of the antibody immuniglobin A (lgA). Having sex one or twice a week boosts your lgA levels and can subsequently help you fight off nasty colds and infections. Make sex more interesting – and health-related, if you want so – by telling your partner you want to protect yourself against colds! Make it funnier by calling his/her right before leaving work, and say, “Honey, I think I’m catching a cold. Can you give me a quick remedy… now?”
Sex can also help you feel good about yourself. If you haven’t been feeling sexy lately, having more sex might help you feel more desirable. The feel-good hormones help you bond with your loved one, it doesn’t just make you a little more confident in life and in bed. The “love hormone” which is the oxytocin can increases with physical touch.
Oxytocin relaxes the body and promotes sleep. Among other things, sleep is extremely important for good health, affecting weight, stress management and blood pressure. Increases in levels of the hormone DHEA repairs tissues, keeps your skin healthy, improves cognitive function and even alleviates depressive symptoms and having sex just twice a week can increase your life expectancy. Increased blood circulation does wonders for the skin, hence that enviable post-sex glow and sex boosts collagen production, a natural preventer of wrinkles and sagging. Boost of testosterone and estrogen also keep us young. Testosterone strengthens bones and muscles and keeps the heart healthy while estrogen protects women against heart disease. Hormones also dictate the condition of our hair. More good hair everyday with a satisfying sex life which the body can efficiently metabolize nutrients.
Every relationship needs to be cultivated and tended to so that it flourishes. The same is true with romantic relationships. The relationship could end if you do not spend the time and energy needed to maintain a healthy sexual relationship. So, if you want to become more physically fit, sex can help you do this. Sex burns lots of calories and can even help tone muscles in your body. That’s why sex is good for you and the more the better.

Date: February 10, 2021

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