Hot Things To Tell Him During Sex


Hot Things To Tell Him During Sex

If you think the way you touch and kiss each other or the positions you try just makes up the whole idea of good sex. You’re not quite. Although those are essential for having a good sex – there’s still lacking from your point of view – it is the sweet, sexy things you ‘say’ during sex. Actually, it is ‘not the words you say but how you say it’.
Tell me – are you quiet or loud in bed? Have you ever tried talking dirty, if not, you need to know that saying erotic words can charge up ones sex drive. To make it easier to understand, talking dirty doesn’t mean to be dirty by saying plenty of nasty things. Mind you, it can be quite a turn-off if that’s the case. Which means that it can heighten ones excitement when you dirty talk. There are five things you need to consider that your man anticipates from you that would only beg him for more. It will help you avoid getting awkward and avoid sounding ridiculous rather than being sexy.
• Say erotic things about him and only him. Saying or screaming his name while humping and bumping can assure your guy that you’re enjoying the deed. They can also sense if you’re just faking it or perhaps you’re thinking about someone else – that’s why dirty talking can be effective only if you’re really into the act. It can give him an ego boost as well, and while you’re at it, moan often and loudly.
• Action speaks louder than words. In most cases, men are kinkier than women since they had lots of ideas often gained from adult videos. And they tend to be more dominant than women in bed which gives them the role of initiating certain acts. Men will be asking questions like ‘Is this feels so good?’ while you answering it with certain lustiness can make them go further. Simply describe all of his actions and tell him how arousing it gets you.
• Share your wild and hot imaginations with him. Talking dirty doesn’t only happen during sex. You can also make use of sex talk while you’re taking breaks and rest. It will surely caught him off guard and another round would be happening sooner than later.
• Learn the basics of dirty talks and keep it for future use. Learning those dirty talks doesn’t mean you need to keep them using the entire round of sex. Some of which are best saved for the next big thing. If you intend to pour out all your deepest darkest thoughts about sex talk, then might as well take some exam and you’ll eventually get an A+ mark – kidding! One phrase that is often used yet so powerful is – ‘I’m coming’ – this single-liner sentence is like the best thing a man wants next to peanut butter and jam.
• Think of something clever yet stimulating. Men and their insecurities – believe it or not! Just like women, they are like insecured babies who wants all the encouragement they need while having sex. Little things like soft purrs can be quite stimulating for them. Think of other ways outside the box. Utter some phrases every now and then. Visualize it as if its a delicious meal – the more you about how tasty it is, the more tastier it become. Once he discovers you certainly liked that kind of move, he’ll definitely be working on it alot more.

Date: April 29, 2021

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