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Here are some ideas for making money with an adult business on One of the reasons that should be monitored carefully if your child is out there, is because there are ads that contain adult content. Most of the ads that contain this material are listed under the adult category. The exception is the Best of Craigslist heading. This category contains everything, so keep the kids away. That said, let’s look at ideas for making money with and adult business on

What do we mean by adult business? This includes massage services, escorts services, strippers, adult shops that sell adult toys, part plans that sell adult toys, etc. This is what we are talking about when we refer to adult businesses.

Now that we are all on the same page and understand what it is adults are selling, this is how to promote it. Unlike the rest of that requires only a valid email address to join, the adult category requires a valid phone number as well. Its really not a big deal, its just a requirement. Also, if it is possible that your business could in the least bit be illegal, do not post it. Law enforcement frequents these lists. Mostly they are looking for predators, and the exploitation of underage children. So truly be an adult and keep it legal.

Should you post a picture? That is entirely up to you. What and who you photograph may make a huge difference in how many visits your ad receives. Also, some ads may not require a photograph. Its up to you, just no obvious porn is allowed.

There are different categories in the adult classification. You will find them under services and then look for erotic. All of the erotic ads are grouped together. You will have to page through a lot of interesting titles in order to find what you are looking for. When you post your ad, You will want it to stand out. This may be more difficult than you think because of all of the other ads. Be sure to state exactly what you are offering. If it is toys, then say that. There are many massage ads, So the tactic of deleting and reporting every 2 days is crucial.

If you are selling a product it is best to state that and see if there is another category you can fit into. Adult CD’s and DVD’s can be sold in that regular category. Adult toys probably should stay in the erotic services area.

Generating traffic to your ad should not be a problem as the erotic area is a very popular one. The trick is how to get your ad to stand out from everyone else. Be sure to have good pictures as that always helps. If it is possible to photograph what you are selling you always are in a better position. Another technique is to have a great title. It has to catch someone attention. Find a way to make you title scream out above the others. Then write very interesting ad copy. Ads in this category that are really racy, funny or sexy get voted into the Best of Craigslist. This is where you want your ad to be. So try to get the best ad copy possible. It might even be worth your while to pay for someone to write the ad for you. These are just a few ideas for making money with an adult business on

You may want to know if all of this is legal. Yes it is. You can post any legal business in this category. Just be aware that law enforcement lurks out there and will gladly cooperate in any investigation. It is in your best interest to make sure that you keep it legal. We all like to have fun, but there are rules. These ideas for making money with an adult business on are just the tip of the iceberg. You can think of many other ways to get your ad to stand out. The more creative your are, the better your chances of making money will be.


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Date: April 10, 2021

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