Pheromone Perfume: A Secret Seducer?


Pheromone Perfume: A Secret Seducer?

Wondering if there is such a thing as “secret seducer”? Hmm…you’re probably been thinking about pheromone perfumes. Heard about the term? Well, pheromone perfumes have long been offered in the market for men and women wishing to enhance their seductive assets. Yes, pheromones are said to be the secret seducers.

But what actually is pheromone? What is a pheromone perfume and why it is considered as a secret seducer?

Pheromone is in the first place a natural secret weapon. It is a chemical that is secreted in our sweat and other bodily fluids. The animals also produce this chemical. It is odorless, invisible and undetectable, and according to some studies, it is only through our vomeronasal organ, which is located in our nasal cavity, that we are able to detect pheromones. It can’t be smelled or touched however, the reason that it is called a secret seducer.

Pheromone perfumes are fragrances that contain the odorless pheromone. Many have said that when a man or a woman applies pheromone perfume on their bodies, they tend to attract the opposite sex. Well, the wonder actually lies in the pheromones which work to alter the sexual behavior of the people. But, in what way?

Well, numerous clinical studies have noted that pheromone perfumes are great seducers. This idea stems from the fact that when the chemical is released, although not smelled, the tendency is the female and male sex glands will become aroused. Also, the chemical can heighten the sensual responses and awaken the person’s appetite for sex in the same beautiful way that the smell of a delicate food can awaken hunger. Well, several researches have noted this kind of response, and to some degree the results are all mind-boggling.

Whatever the explanation behind this great wonder is, the pheromone perfumes are now marketed in two types: pheromone perfumes for men and pheromone perfumes for women. Both types are highly optimized, meaning they are both certified by laboratory studies and they contain the optimum concentration of pheromones that are active enough to alter the sexual behaviors.

What’s further interesting to know about this craze is that the pheromone perfumes designed for men are formulated with greatest amounts of biologically active pheromones. They are even proven scientifically to enhance the level of the so-called luteinizing hormone in women, which in turn triggers the female sexual organs to respond to a man. On the other hand, the optimized pheromone perfume designed for women are scientifically proven to heighten the level of testosterone in men. This too results to a heightened level of man’s sexual responsiveness to women.

How pheromone perfumes actually work to do such wonder still remains a mystery until now. But despite this baffling fact, the pheromone perfumes are now marketed legally throughout the United States. Several perfumes with the name “pheromones” on their labels are in fact offered as nature’s chemical sex signal to attract the opposite sex.

Date: August 3, 2021

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