Summary: Providing the facts surrounding the issue on sex after menopause.

Women fidget when it’s being talked about. They whisper and look around as if their whole life depended on it. Women think it’s the biggest secret next to the existence of biological warfare. But is it really?

As most female fear, menopause does not signal the end to a happy sexual life. This misconception has led many people to believe that sex after menopause is nonexistent. This fear may have been a result of stereotyping older women as plain and boring. Moreover, the fact that menopausal women will no longer be able to bear children has been linked with the loss of sexual urges.

Experts say that sex drive should not lessen as people get older. In fact studies have found out that sexuality is an important factor in increasing the quality of our lives. Sex after menopause, as with passion and romance, can actually be more enticing when you are 50.

Several women may have bid goodbye to their interest in sex the same time they did to their menstruation periods. Their reasons vary. Some feel that sex after menopause is more painful and less fulfilling. Others are simply reluctant thinking that menopause accompanied by their weight gain may have made them undesirable to their partners. And a few simply lost the desire.

However, a greater percentage of women said that they did not feel any decrease in activities related to sex after menopause. Fact is, fulfilling sexual life does not disappear with time. The women who find sex after menopause more enjoyable said that they need not worry about contraceptives and unwanted pregnancies anymore, making them perform better in bed.

For those who may have problems with sex after menopause though, there are numerous ways to deal with them. Lubricating gels, vaginal moisturizers, and even vaginal estrogen creams can make sex after menopause as satisfying as it was during your child-bearing years. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is also said to relieve vaginal dryness. However, since there have been negative effects associated with the use of HRT, it is best to consult your doctor before attempting to use it.

Female who are experiencing menopause may complain of several changes including a low desire for sex. While this is not true for all, and not a clear explanation has been derived at, experts believe that this is mostly a psychological-related issue. Women’s attitude towards menopause may have a big impact on their sexuality. Accepting menopause as a natural phase that brings exciting challenges to a woman’s life may not require you to see a sex therapist but will prove to you that indeed, there can be wonderful sex after menopause.

Date: February 20, 2021

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