The adventure of a Writer


I can say that I am a good writer. I adventure and writing about new topics. I can say I’ve done pretty well considering I could write about technology, medicine and health when in fact I never studied any of these. But I found a topic, which left me speechless, or should I say wordless?

When I was asked to write about “adult topics” I thought we were only talking about Viagra, penis enlargement or vaginal cosmetic surgery. Topics, which, needless to say, I had no trouble writing about before. But here I am struggling to find out the definition of demand live sex and what an amateur exhibitionist does. What are fetish films and how is it different from Hollywood movies? Sure I know the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood but fetish movies are something new to me. Armed with my laptop and a liter of orange juice, I went to a public Internet shop to find the answer.

More commonly known as porn, the spread of fetish videos on the Internet has caused government bodies to introduce and implement laws limiting its reach. A lot of people are involved in public discussions and debates for and against pornography. But are these really doing any good? When censorship laws were implemented, did it really prevent the proliferation of fetish video on demand? I feel that these laws didn’t really help; they only created enough noise for people to be more curious. I am not saying that porn is bad; it’s just that I can’t see the reason for censorship laws or any evidence that pornography does any harm. Well, of course when you talk about children, pedophilia is a different world altogether.

But let’s talk about pornography and why people are hooked with it. Sure someone would say: people who appear in porn films are desperate for the money, are probably drug users, criminals or prostitutes. But are these assumptions true? Someone claims: “I never watched BDSM video” and then proceeds to talk down on people who did. For one, how did you know about BDSM? For another, what authority do you have to judge people who happen to like watching other people doing this most basic of all necessities?

In a study conducted by Kath Albury and Catharine Lumby from the University of Sydney entitled Understanding Pornography in Australia, it was found that people like pornography because most videos reiterate that natural beauty is still most attractive for men and women alike. Also, when interviewed, people appearing in movies say that they do it because they enjoy their work. Some do it for the money, not because they are desperate but because the work is basically high-paying and safe too.

Date: February 15, 2021

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