The Six Common Types of Casual Sex


The Six Common Types of Casual Sex

Yes, sex is about two people getting intimate physically and thus, getting emotionally bonded as well. Such intimation usually happens when two people are deeply in love and have known each other for some time. But have you heard about the six common types of casual sex? These acts are so common today and are usually associated with young people who are not ready so settle down yet. It’s not to say, though, that casual sex is something we should frown upon. After all, some solid relationships started with it. But it does help to know if what you’re into or just getting into is something casual – and not serious.
Here are the six most common forms of casual sex:
Ex Sex. This kind of casual sex is typically done with your past lover. If you think this kind of sex is uncomfortable since you will be doing it with your ex, you are wrong. This kind of casual sex is actually done because of its ease. If you have an ex and you feel like hitting the sack with him tonight then this kind of casual sex will do you and your ex both. Just for old times’ sake.
Booty Call Sex. This is typically done and arranged through phone calls or text messages. It is what also called as on-the-spot kind of sex. The phone call or text message is done at night, where pleasantries exchanged from the start become more arousing and sexual later. It’s more spontaneous and doesn’t need earlier arrangements or agreements.
Recreational Sex. This kind of casual sex is actually a short cut name for recreational sex. This is actually performed without any string attached between the guy and the girl. It is actually done without the worries of acquiring any health issues. This typically comes from a place where you feel sad, broken hearted or such. It is also done if you suddenly received a good news and feel like celebrating.
Drive – Thru Sex. This is another name for quickie sex. If you feel like having a quickie with your partner on the way to the airport then you can actually hit it in your car or such. Or when you’re rushing off to work but just want to get physically intimate, then entertain your arousal on the car!
Appointment Sex. Now unlike the booty call sex, this one is done and arranged right. It is again arranged through phone calls and text messages but in early time of the day when you are still sober. This form of casual sex is performed by single parents, people who have hectic working schedules and even those people who have some alcohol issues – anyone who doesn’t want a relationship to come with the sex.
Deja Sex. Care for something unexpected? Then déjà sex is for you! For example, you are having the last party of your college life and decide to make it memorable by having sex with the last guy who will leave the punch bowl section. Then after ten years you and this guy meet again while having a drink at the local bar. Who knows you and this guy might be hitting the sack again tonight just like ten years ago?
These are just some of the kinds of common casual sex. Their names are actually funny and could start up a giggle but it actual fit the description of each kind of casual sex. There are also other names associated with the kinds of casual sex that will certainly help you understand it. You will find lots of info and details about these kinds of casual sex through online. There are lots of articles and other online resources that will provide you the details that will certainly amaze you.

Date: February 3, 2021

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