What To Never Do During Sex


What To Never Do During Sex

It takes two to tango – particularly in sex. It gives you both pleasure and satisfies you alot. Sex is sex – there’s no particular roles or oath you need to initiate before rolling on the romp. However, sex etiquette has been vividly introduced lately. To simply put, it’s the do’s and dont’s in bed.
No matter how pleasurable the sex had been. There some point in time when your partner do things to you which you usually don’t like. Like weird things that would caught you off guard. Or acts that actually gross you out. While sleeping on the couch and hitting a cold shower might be the best alternatives rather than continuing the deed.
You don’t neccessarily need to take the do’s and don’ts by heart but a little knowledge about these things might be helpful for a more hot steamy night with your partner. In this case, these are the ‘Don’ts’ that women should avoid – things which might be considered as taboo acts for men during sex:
• Saying the three-lettered word without being sincere. Don’t you dare blurt the phrase ‘I love you’ while having sex. Often times, sex can drive you out of control and euphoric. That’s why some words are accidentally being said. Without you having any idea on what you’re blabbering about since you are so caught up on the act of sex. If you don’t love your partner in the first place, then by all means, quit the act. Don’t send some wrong signals to your partner about the love thing.
Sometimes though, men finds it awkward for women to say those three words to them. It will definitely ruin the fun and spoil your almost heated bed action.
• Talking how fat you are. Sex is also about getting sexy while being naked. Men prefer women who are comfortable and confident being naked while getting scrutinized by the lust-filled eyes of men. So it’s a downer for men when their partner feels self-conscious. The last thing they have in mind is to console and do pep-talk just to get their women comfortable.
One thing that women needs to know about men when having sex is that they only think about pleasure and nothing else in between. They are often blinded with lust which makes your flaws unnoticed by them.
• Keeping mum about the way you want him to do. Sex should pleasure you both. Imagine the guy having all the pleasure in the world while the girl just stays still looking like a mannequin – waiting for the deed to end. That should never happen! Sometimes, a little guide here and there for your guy and he’ll get the idea perfectly.
• Giving him an idea about how great your ex was in bed. Try to blurt it out during sex and rest assure, you’ll kill the thrill of sex for your partner. There’s nothing a bigger mood killer than this one. The thought of it just only gives your partner an idea about you still hoping for your ex.
• Acting disgusted on something. There are actually things about sex that normally one finds disgusting and weird – often called being too kinky. But for the love of sex, they tend to forget how gross it might look like and if you keeps on doing it, you might get used to it eventually. Although if you are not comfortable by doing something unusual, then don’t do it. As simple as that.

Date: February 20, 2021

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