Why Foreplay Is Essential In Sex


Why Foreplay Is Essential In Sex

There is a common fact that distinguishes men and women regarding sex, women are usually described as irons while men are light bulbs. Due to our genetic predisposition regarding sexual behavior, men and women rarely see eye to eye when it comes down to it, especially when foreplay is involved. Most of the time women are the ones left wanting than the men so sex can become just another activity for them if their partner is not aware of her need for foreplay.
Foreplay can apply to both men and women, but generally women need it the most as they require more time to get into the mood than men do. Often men’s idea of sex is centered on the physical, however there is more to sex than just the physical, remember the need for sex starts as an idea. Couples who rush to the climax often end up disappointed, especially the woman who wants more than a few minutes of being loved.
The act before finally connecting and capitulating with sex is like a “knowing you” stage. It allows both partners to fully explore their compatibility both mentally and physically, by getting know each other’s preferences. Talking about their want and needs usually sets the mood for intimacy and opens the door to the next phase of the act.
Also, foreplay allows time to talk to each other before rushing to get spent. It is important especially for the woman for it relaxes her and keeps her focused as to what is happening and reassures her about a many great things. Most men forget the fact that sex begins in the mind, if the mind is not properly introduced to the idea that sex should be relaxing and fun the end result could be less than satisfying.
Most relationship experts consider foreplay to be the most important phase of the sexual act. This in fact is true in a medical sense since this is usually the part where both partners slowly build up the heat required for a great sexual experience. However foreplay can be quite varied and may not apply to everyone, hence the need to experiment to fully comprehend the each partners weaknesses and vulnerabilities and how to properly make use of them for a full sexual experience.
Not all foreplay happens in the bedroom, casual teasing and flirting may be enough to nudge the heat up a level. May as well be a precursor to a sexual encounter in most cases, as women are slowly heated up by suggestive tantalizing on the part of the man.
There are a great variety of ways to pleasure each other depending on each partner’s specific tastes, some may need additional paraphernalia to help in the task, some may just need visually appealing clothes to spark the mood, and some may just require an erotic conversation to get them going. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain each partner needs to be fully primed for sex to be satisfying. The act of seeing their female partners cry out in pleasure is enough for the man to be satisfied.
Foreplay can be a sexy way of suggesting interest; it can be the catalyst to a more intimate encounter or just convey a playful connection. Either way, foreplay is an integral part of a couple’s intimate relationship and an absolute way of enhancing it.

Date: April 23, 2021

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